The GeoCHOROS Geospatial Analysis and GIS Research Group conducts theoretically and empirically informed research aimed at understanding how social practices and relations are conditioned by space, time and place. Our group's research projects focus on Geospatial Analysis, GIS, Urban Models, Spatial Epidemiology, Location - Allocation Models, Spatial Interaction models and Spatial Decision Support Systems.

Research projects

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Urban safety and fear of crime (

The fear of crime refers to the fear of being a victim of crime as opposed to the actual probability of being a victim of crime (Hale, 1996). The fear of crime, along with fear of the streets constitute what we introduce as urban fear of crime in this research. Our platform aims to bring together individuals and researchers around the world interested in the scientific field of fear of crime and more specifically urban fear of crime. It features data collecting, statistical and spatial analysis as well as geovisualisation and mapping capabilities in a WebGIS environment.

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Walk and the city (

“Walk and the City” is a crowdsourcing and a citizen science-based project, aiming to collect, show and store valuable geospatial open data and information about the walking urban environment. To that end, “Walk and the City” aspires to be a European reference point for walkability in cities and in turn to help public authorities to combat the detrimental effects stemming from the car-dependent lifestyles.


Bump Tracer (

"Bump Tracer" is a crowd-sensing platform which aims to provide drivers and competent authorities with information about the road-network condition of their cities and neighborhoods. Any driver can contribute by downloading the app! You only need a smartphone, a car holder and an appetite for hitting the potholes! Bump Tracer app lets drivers report potholes while driving automatically, no need for recording them manually! Just place your phone into your car holder and let the algorithms do the rest. You can view crowd-sensed data about the roads driven with Bump Tracer app and the recorded potholes. Click on a pothole to see more information, filter potholes by criteria or select areas to see numeric data!