Working Paper Series

Papargyri E., Kanaroglou P. and Photis Y. N. "Assessing the potential contribution of electric vehicles in traffic related pollution reduction in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada", WPGC-001, 2013.

Kyriakopoulou N., Kanaroglou P. and Photis Y. N. "Mathematical characterization of congestion based on speed distribution: A case study of greater Toronto and Hamilton area, Ontario, Canada", WPGC-002, 2013.


Y. N. Photis «Geographic Information Systems», Govostis Pub., 2010 (in Greek).

Y. N. Photis «Quantitative Spatial Analysis», Govostis Pub., 2009 (in Greek).

Y. N. Photis – H. Cocossis «Regional Science and Policy: Greece and the Balkans», Govostis Pub., 2006 (in Greek).

Contributions To Books

Photis Υ. Ν. - Tsobanoglou Σ. “Measuring urban dynamics through public and private sector concentration patterns. The case of Thessaly, Greece” in Y. Psycharis and P. Skayannis (Eds.), Τhe Contexts, Dynamics and Planning of Urban Development, University of Thessaly Publications, Volos, 2009.

Μanetos P. – Photis Y. N. “Integrating Data Mining Methods for Modeling Urban Growth Dynamics”, Computational Approaches to Artificial Intelligence: Theory, Methods and Applications, Lecture Series on Computer Science and Computational Sciences, volume 1, VSP International Publishers, 2004.

Koutsopoulos Κ. – Photis Y. N. «Geodemographic trends and tendencies in the greater Athens metropolitan area» in A future for Athens. Formulating reorganization policies for the country’s capital city. Ed. G. Tsetsis, Mentor Publishing Co., Athens, 2003 (in Greek).

Photis Y. N. – Koutsopoulos K. «Decentralisation: Aone-to-manyrelationship. TheCaseofGreece», inthebookMediterranean Multiregionality. Regional Analysis and Planning in the Mediterranean Regions, edited by G. Bianchi, F. Angeli Publ. Co., Milano, 1996.

Journal Articles

Photis Y. N. “Disease and Health Care Geographies: Mapping their Trends and Patterns in a GIS”, Health Science Journal, 2013 (in press).

Grekousis G. - Photis Y. N.“Predicting ambulance demand in Emergency Medical Services”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2013, (in press).

Photis Y. N. «Redefinition of the Greek electoral districts through the application of a region-building algorithm», European Journal of Geography, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2012.

Tsobanoglou S. – Photis Y. N. “Measuring urban concentration: A spatial cluster typology based on public and private sector service patterns”, World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, (in press), 2012.

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Grekousis G. - Photis Y. N. «A fuzzy index for detecting spatiotemporal outliers», Geoinformatica, Volume 16, Number 3, 2012.

Koutelekos J., Photis Y. N., Milaka K., Bessa N., Manetos P. "Primary Care Clinic Location Decision Making and Spatial Accessibility for the Region of Thessaly", Health Science Journal, 1, 2008.

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Photis Y. N. – Koutsopoulos Κ. «Supporting Locational Decision Making : regionalization of Service Delivery systems», Studies in Regional & Urban Planning Volume 1, Issue 3, 13-34, 1994.

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